Is Your Marriage Heading In The Right Direction?

“GPS saved our marriage.”  ~ Lee

This is a phrase that I say with a tone of humor, but in reality, directions were a common point of contention early on.  I (Lee) do all the driving, unless it is absolutely necessary that Emily drives.  This would inevitably result in missed turns, late in pointing out that we need to be in the turn lane, or simple miscommunication about how far away we are from our destination.  What we have learned in using GPS has taught us a valuable lesson in our marriage.


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Who Makes the Decision?

When we joined in marriage, it was all about the future!  The life that lay before us, the children that would come, the memories that would be made, and the gray hair and wrinkles that would await us at the end of the journey.  Somewhere along the way we realized marriage takes place less on a cruise ship and more often on a battleship!

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We’ve Lost Our Spark

Remember when you and your spouse first started dating?  If you were like most couples, those early days of your relationship and your marriage were exciting and energetic.  You pursued each other.  You spent hours talking on the phone or in person.  You wanted to always be together.  As time moved on, and life got in the way, that spark has probably dimmed or maybe completely burned out.  After years of being married, raising kids, working, living life, somewhere along the way, the two of you stopped connecting.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST BLOGIs he even listening to me?

Several years ago, a popular wireless company had a series of television commercials where an employee would walk from place to place saying “Can you hear me now?” to highlight their outstanding coverage.  The commercials were cute, but they also highlighted an important point.  It can be extremely frustrating when you are talking to someone, and they cannot hear you. This is also true for face to face conversations and especially true in marriage.  How many times have you told your spouse something only to have them swear you never mentioned it?  Probably quite a few.  An occasional occurrence of this can be overlooked, but if it happens often, we need to get to the root cause of the problem….. 

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